Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reason Why Wednesday: Why We Should Take The Shrink Wrap Off This Weekend

Surroundings like this can not be seen under the bubble

  1. Cause it's April!
  1. Cause Justin is coming up!
  1. The leaky back hatch over our bed isn't going to get fixed until it's leaking again
  1. We're hoping it will snow again...yeah right
  1. You can see in; you just can't see out
  1. The barbeque smokes out the bubble
  1. Secure the halyards's been a long clanky winter
  1. Cockpit party!
  1. Andrew called and said he wants to come help on the boat this weekend and the boat will need to be washed
  2. The sails aren't on, but the engine works…and a day on the water beats most others
  3. You may have read an earlier blog about our sail down from Portland when we first bought the boat.  The little problem with our mainsail track is not exactly remedied yet and the bubble is preventing work on this critical
    new this season!
  4. Cockpit speakers!!!
  5. 2 bridges down, 1 to go just upstream from the picture on top
  6. And because gas tankers are taking out bridges around here

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